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House of Huge Breast Lovers
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Hello hello hello and welcome (once again?) to
Ai Kyonyuu-Ka Kyonyuu Kyara Rodeo - Redemption

Why call it that?  Because I'm a dork, that's why.  I'm starting up the whole thing again now that I'm more prepared to do this.

What's the change?  I'm going to be more... responsible.  Yeah.

So, first thing's first: rules!

There are two categories: ID and avatar.  The big-breasted beauty you create for the purposes of being put on display must be prominently featured with her prominent features... and yes the entire piece must be appropriate for an actual ID or a 50x50 avatar.
That's, like the only major thing I left out last time.  Hahaha!

E-mail entries to me and I'll post 'em.  Don't forget your descriptions, notes, plugs, and keywords you want submitted with the entry!

And yes we're keeping the old stuff, but they won't be considered for the new Rodeo.

Oh, and now that my root account :iconsamutoka: has a subscription, I can hold the poll for the next three months!  Kick ass...

I know declare this Rodeo to be ON!

Your Friendly Neighborhood AKK Grand Wizard,

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Last visited 54w Hehe. I'll leave a comment anyhow.... There I did it.
YER YER YER let me join hahahhaaahhaahaha
Nebelstern Apr 9, 2005   Digital Artist
I can maybe join ^.^;

JunkyardWillieFan Mar 27, 2005
Happy Easter ~Ai-Kyonyuu-Ka!
thank you for letting me join.. ^^;
thank you for letting me join.. ^^;
hey guys i updated my page,check out my newest pic
go watch the peta2 interview with travis from atreyu!
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